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Dr. Alison Kraft
Research Interests: History of science, technology, medicine in the 20th century, History of the early Cold War, the 'nuclear age' and environmentalism, History of radiation, History of biomedicine, Scientists beyond the laboratory

Region of Investigation: UK, US, Western Europe
Period of Investigation: before 1950, 1951-1960, 1961-1970, 1971-1980
Pugwash Related Publications:
  • Forthcoming publication
    'Scientists in Cold War Britain: Nuclear fallout and the origins of Pugwash, c.1954-1957'.
    This paper will appear in a Special Issue of the Journal of Cold War Studies, scheduled for publication in Fall 2015. This Special Issue features a selection of papers from the Writing Pugwash Histories workshop held in Vienna in May 2012.
  • Conference paper
    ‘Pugwash: A novel form of scientific activism, and forum for nuclear expertise/nuclear diplomacy’.
    Paper given at the workshop: Nuclear experts and nuclear expertise in a global context after 1945, held at the Zentrum Marc Bloch, Berlin, 6-7 October 2014, with the support of the Humboldt Universität and Universität Wien, and convened by Professors Gabriele Metzler (HU, Berlin) and Carola Sachse (Wien).
  • July 2013, Manchester: ‘Pugwash and the “fallout issue” in the early Cold War: A case study of transnational scientific activism’. Panel on Transnational Nuclear Perspectives, ICHSTM, University of Manchester.
  • June 2013, Barcelona: ‘Confronting fallout: Contested science in the early Cold War’. Dark Matters: Contents and Discontents of Cold War Science, University Pompue Fabra, Spain.
  • May 2013, Philadelphia: ‘Bombs, blood and borders: radiostrontium-90 – a biography’. Symposium in honour of Ruth Schwartz Cowan. Dept of HSS, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
  • May 2012, Vienna: ‘Pugwash and the politics of fallout: A British Perspective’. Writing Pugwash Histories Workshop, Universities of Vienna/Sheffield, Wien, Austria.
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