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Research Network "Writing Pugwash Histories"

Participants in the First Pugwash Conference 1957
(Source: Österreichische Zentralbibliothek für Physik)

The research network “Writing Pugwash Histories” seeks to bring together scholars from all over the world to study the nature and role of transnational expert networks during the Cold War. We focus on the historical analysis of the Pugwash network. Pugwash brought together scientists from all over the world in order to evaluate the risks of nuclear armament, to influence nuclear policy at the level of national government, to develop regional conflict solutions, and to promote world-wide peace. Our Pugwash-related research network has been in existence since 2011. It is situated at the Universities of Vienna (Austria), and Stirling (UK) and is supported by the German “Arbeitskreis für Historische Friedensforschung”.

The Website “Writing Pugwash Histories” actively promotes research networking and communication amongst scientists concerned to understand transnational expert networks and their role(s) during the Cold War. In particular, it considers questions relevant to history of science and for global history. It aims to foster regular international and interdisciplinary exchange between participants from many disciplines – History, Political Sciences, Sociology, Peace and Conflict Research, Gender Studies. This will form the basis of a virtual community devoted to the study of Pugwash history in ways that integrate historical narratives with other perspectives and methodologies such as prosopography, the sociology of knowledge, gender theory and network analysis.

Activities of the network include the exchange of research, conferences and publications. Contributors may post – in English – scholarly essays, descriptions of their current research, ideas for topics they would like to see discussed, or comments on issues relevant to Pugwash history. Each topic will be added to a general index which will incorporate finding aids such as keywords, historical eras, regional focus and so forth, so that everyone can easily identify the discussions they wish to follow. Those interested in joining the network please register Opens internal link in current windowhere.


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